Principle That Should Anchor Christian Businesses


Unlike traditional businesspeople, Christian businesspeople ought to uphold certain Christian values in their business operations. God appointed a man to rule the earth after he had created the earth and all that is in it. As Christians God has put us in charge of all his resources and given us the duty to manage them and with a lot of expertise and care. The only way of honoring God in our businesses is by ensuring that we uphold his principles in our businesses. Some of these principles are;

Trust. God desires that we should trust him I all we do. It, therefore, means that we shouldn’t only trust him in our lives as it entails all our other activities. In God’s eyes, there is no distinction between personal lives and professional lives. As Christians we should fully depend on God’s leadership in all our business operations, we should involve God and seek his blessings in guiding the business earnings and also the resources. Know about christian leadership here!

Manifest justice. The Lord is full of joy when people practice justice. We should, therefore, conduct our business operations in a fair manner. The truth should manifest between the employees and the employers. Businesspeople should ensure that the employees have right working conditions and they are paid commensurate with the work they do. Such fairness will boost your business as the employees are happy to serve hence boosting production. The same treatment we give to our employees should be given to the clients. We should make promises that we can fulfill and also charge fair prices on our products and services.  Learn about business morals here!

Businesspeople ought to be diligent. The Lord has given us all the knowledge and resources we need for the business regardless of how great or small they are. A Christian businessperson should not tolerate any laziness and idleness. For a business to be conducted in a Godly manner, then hard work is a core component. Hard work will portray to others our desire to take care of God’s resources. God’s glorification is done regardless of the seniority, junior and senior staff should work for God’s glory in their positions.

Being generous. The generosity of God is clear more so to the less fortunate. As a Christian businessman, you need to go out of your way and reach to those looked down upon in the society. Our business should be vehicles to exalt God and convey the gospel. Christian businesspeople should be seen to be investing enough to the underprivileged. This is a road very few businessmen will take. Godly business is meant to create sustenance to the lowly in the society more than the sustenance of the business owners.